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Aviation medical

You need to be in a good health bill to be an airline pilot and I’m going to tell you all about how to get an aviation medicine and what they entail.

It’s worth noting now that I can only speak from the UK point of view, as the CAA could have tests other than those elsewhere in the world. So if you’re not from the United Kingdom this info may not be 100% in your case, but the jest should be the same.

The aviation medical 1 class is the root certificate. It costs about £ 300 and you have to go to London Gatwick to do it. I suggest you go to this before commencing any flight training as there is no point to spend money if you’re not going to be able to get a doctor.

The class 1 medical aviation is rather large and it needs to be because you don’t want an airline pilot with health problems as it could be disastrous. It consists of:

A blood test and physical pressure and other stuff you’d expect.

An eye Test-why you should go to the optician first to see if you need any corrections.

The hearing of evidence.

Urine test to test for diabetes.

Hemoglobin Test to measure blood oxygen capacity.

Electrocardiogram-just to check the ticker is correct work.

Lung function Tests-test your ability to expel air from the lungs.

All these tests will take you all day and it is advisable to leave at least 4 hours after the appointment in case they need to do more testing. These visits are to maintain and keep your work and license you need to get tested each year. The bad news is that if you lose it will be out of work and may need to reassess your life that is a pretty big deal, but that is the nature of aviation, one day your here the day after the first leg.

As I said before is it worth getting one before committing any money toward airline pilot training because it might be the best £ 300 you spent. It is also worth noting that for people who simply want to do the PPL just need to get a class 2 doctors that covers most of the same things but not so very thoroughly.

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